‘Gambling Addiction’ on the rise: What’s behind the spike in ‘GAMING ADDICTION’?

With a new video game, online gambling is becoming a bigger and bigger problem for millions of people worldwide.

While the gaming industry claims that gaming is a safe and fun activity for everyone, experts say that it’s not.

Experts also say that the addiction can be so addictive that even people who try to quit gaming often relapse, sometimes leading to suicide.

And that is why experts are calling for stricter gambling regulation in the U.S. and Europe.

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) recently released a report saying that the number of Americans with gambling addiction has doubled since 2012.

That’s more than double the amount of people who have a gambling addiction in 2014.

But that increase could be linked to the video game industry, which is pushing for stricter regulation, as well as stricter gambling rules in the country, said Dr. Jennifer Coyle, an addiction specialist at Johns Hopkins University.

“The gambling industry is looking to push this as a regulatory agenda in a lot of different places and they’re trying to make it a big issue,” Coyle said.

“It’s really a matter of people wanting to be safe and get some regulation in place, and it’s really hard for people to get out of the habit.”

Experts say that gaming addiction is not a new issue.

But this year, there has been an increase in the number and severity of cases.

Dr. James A. Fagan, an associate professor at Columbia University and a medical expert in addiction, said that the increase in gambling addiction cases may be tied to the gaming community’s increased push to promote gambling.

“There’s a lot more people now, people who are gambling, playing video games,” Fagan said.

And there’s a very clear link between the gaming and the addiction.

“When you get a person addicted to video games, you have a lot less opportunity to control them and if they can’t control themselves, then they can get away with a lot,” he said.

According to Fagan and other experts, video games can be addictive, especially when they have other social or recreational elements.

“What’s going on with gaming addiction now is the gaming has gotten more and more violent,” he explained.

“You can get really into a fight scene with a couple of people and you can literally take the life out of those people.”

Fagan also pointed out that people with gambling addictions are more likely to seek treatment and seek help from the law, even if the video games aren’t the issue.

“In the U!

S., we have laws that deal with these problems, but you can’t put those in place on a case-by-case basis,” he noted.

“They’re often very specific and very specific laws, and that’s really why people are getting into these situations.”

In addition, a recent study found that people who used video games to treat anxiety or depression were more likely than people who played non-gaming games to resort to suicide and binge drinking, both of which are considered addictions.

According a new report from the American Psychological Association, the number is rising.

Experts say the problem is likely connected to a combination of factors, such as the changing ways people interact with technology, and increased demand for video games.

“A lot of times people who think they are doing the right thing are actually doing the wrong thing,” said Dr

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