Gambling site shut down over sex scandal

FOX News has learned that an online gambling company shut down after admitting to sex-ringing allegations made against its CEO.

The Daily Beast reports that a former employee of the website The Lucky Duck filed a complaint in May against Kevin Gentry, who had been chief executive of the company since July of last year.

The allegations were made in an employee complaint that was sent to the company’s corporate counsel, according to The Daily Beast.

The report does not specify how the allegations were obtained.

The former employee claims that Gentry told him that the company was “taking steps to remove its reputation and reputation as a place to play games” and that he was “deeply disturbed” by what he had heard.

The alleged sex-game ring was discovered when a former female employee began working at the company as a “consultant” and was hired to help out with the investigation.

The employee alleged that Genton told him he had sex with her twice, which Gentry denied.

She also claimed that Garson and his wife had a child out of wedlock and that she had been pressured into signing a consent form that would not be shared with the other employees.

Gentry also denied the claims made by the former employee, but admitted that he had met the woman, and that his wife was not in the sex-ratings ring.

He also said that he and his daughter were “deep in love” and said that his son was born the same day.

Gentley resigned from the company and the allegations against him were removed from the website’s servers.

The company says that it has hired an outside investigator and is conducting an internal review of its practices.

Gambling website was launched in August of last week.

The site was created by three people, including a former Microsoft employee.

The website has more than 600,000 users and is known for its high-stakes games that feature a wide range of players from players of all ages.

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