When casinos and video gaming are your addiction, study says

A new study finds that when casino and video game addiction is the reason you gamble, you are at an increased risk for addiction.

The study was published in the American Journal of Addiction and was led by Dr. Joseph D. Lerman, the chairman of the department of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine.

It found that people who gambled frequently or regularly, or who had a history of gambling, were at greater risk for substance abuse and other addictions.

And people who gamble frequently or frequently, or have a history, of gambling were also at higher risk of becoming addicted to gambling.

Lorman said, “We know that the risk for gambling is related to addiction, so we wanted to see whether gambling and substance abuse were inextricably linked.”

Lerman and his team looked at data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) between 1999 and 2012.

The survey is the largest survey of the American public, measuring more than 5,500 people.

The researchers used the data to determine how much people were gambling and how often they gamble, and then examined the relationship between gambling and drug use.

The results showed that people with gambling histories were more likely to be addicted to drugs.

The research also showed that gambling and addiction were connected.

The average lifetime gambling history was 9.7 hours, with gambling occurring roughly every four hours.

And the researchers found that the average lifetime use of marijuana was 6.4 hours.

In other words, gambling and gambling addiction were linked.

The report found that gambling was more common among people who had been in addiction, and the study authors found that those who had gambling histories had a higher rate of being addicted to alcohol and other drug use than those who did not.

They also found that a higher gambling history could increase a person’s risk for developing substance abuse.

Dr. Lederman said that “gambling and substance use are related,” which makes sense because gambling and alcohol are addictive.

“They both lead to addictive behavior.

When you gamble and alcohol and tobacco, they’re all addictive.

It’s really just a matter of where the addiction starts,” he said.

He said that gambling addiction can be linked to the use of other addictive substances like crack cocaine, cocaine, heroin, and prescription pain relievers.


Paul Bremer, the former Republican governor of Utah, told ABC News that he believed that gambling is a gateway to other addictive behaviors.

“When you’re a child, when you’re an adolescent, you can go out and buy something that is a lot more dangerous and that you’re not really paying attention to because you don’t have the capacity,” Bremer said.

“You can go through the streets and buy drugs that are far more dangerous.

And I think it’s the same thing when you gamble.”

Bremer told ABCNews.com that he had never heard of a person with gambling addiction.

“I don’t think anyone knows why people gamble.

And it’s not just gambling that’s addictive, it’s also other things that are addictive,” he added.

Bremer also said that it’s important to educate people that gambling does not have to be harmful.

“The vast majority of people who do gambling never have a problem with it.

It just takes a little bit of attention and a little care, and that’s it.

And gambling is not going to be a problem,” he explained.

Breman added that if a person has a gambling problem, it can be treated by seeking help from a doctor or a therapist.

He also said, if gambling addiction is causing the problem, then “you can treat that problem by getting help for that problem.”

According to the researchers, the results of their study support a need for better education about gambling.

“A lot of the time, when we think of addiction, we think about drug addiction, or alcohol addiction,” Lerman said.

But he said, gambling addiction “is really a gateway problem, and we need to understand that that is not what it is.

And we need help to get that out of our system.”

Breman agreed, saying that gambling has been linked to a number of other health issues, including heart disease and diabetes.

He added, “I’ve heard of people that have died of heart disease from the use [of gambling].

I’ve heard about people that’ve died of diabetes from gambling.”

L. Louis Smith, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Duke University, told The Associated Press that it was important to have a healthy relationship with gambling.

He told The AP, “It is not necessarily a bad thing.

It is just a bad habit.”

“The risk of gambling is very, very small.

And if you can control it and manage it properly, then you can minimize that risk.”

He said it was “unfortunate that we don’t understand the full scope of the problem.”

The researchers said that the study was important because “the vast majority” of gambling addicts do

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