PokerStars: More than $300M in losses for the year

The online poker operator is shedding as much as $300 million of gambling losses after the company reported $9.6 billion in losses in the year ended December 31.

PokerStars’ net loss was $1.65 billion, the company said Thursday, with $3.5 billion in profits.

The company said the losses came after losses at its gambling operations were greater than expected.

The company had reported $4.3 billion in operating profit in the fourth quarter.

The loss was partly due to the shutdown of a $2.9 billion stake in its online gaming business and a $1 billion loss at its online casino business, which it has been using as a vehicle for operating income.

The losses were offset by a $300.5 million profit from its online poker business.

Pokestop also reported that the company had lost $1 million from the sale of its gaming business to American Gaming Corporation.

Piketown said the loss was mainly due to losses at the gambling operations that had been used as a primary means of generating revenue.

Pikketown has had trouble making money online.

The poker website has lost more than $30 million in the past two years, the latest year for which it had available data, according to an investor briefing.

The website has also had trouble monetizing the business because its revenue is more dependent on advertising than on selling tickets.

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