Online poker is a new cash game with a high risk of becoming a high-risk game, says former regulator

Online poker has become a new form of gambling that is more risky than traditional slot machines.

It can have a high turnover rate and it’s not regulated by the same kind of regulators that regulate slot machines and poker.

“It’s a very different animal than what we used to have,” said Dr David Haggerty, the former head of the Australian Games Commission.

“Online poker is really, really hard to regulate.”

Dr Haggertys advice to the regulator has led to an industry shakeup, with a new Australian Gaming Association (AGCA) in the hands of a group of gambling industry players and the formation of the first Gaming Authority of Australia (GAA).

Dr Hagerty said he was hopeful that the new regulator would help ease the pressures on online gambling in the next few years.

The first Australian Gaming Authority is expected to be set up in 2019.

Photo: Alex Ellinghausen “There’s a big appetite for the regulator and there are a lot of people who really care about the industry,” he said.

“We’ll need to look at how we can get that established as a body that has a broad mandate and is accountable to the community.”

Dr Gartner, the chief executive of the gambling industry’s Australian Gaming Federation (AGF), said the industry needed a regulator who would be able to respond to the changing landscape.

“There are still lots of people in the industry who think the regulation is too lax and want the regulator to take a much tougher line on online gaming,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“That’s a really difficult task for the GAA.”

Online gambling was also a key reason behind the decision by the GGA to introduce the first online poker license.

Dr Haggarty said online poker was a new type of gambling and was more risky.

“I think it’s going to be a big part of the industry in the future,” he explained.

“They’ll be playing a lot more online and it’ll probably be a lot harder to stop.”

Online poker licenses are now available to all poker players across Australia.

However, there is a high demand for licenses for other games.

The GGA said it had been working with a number of licensed poker sites to develop licenses for poker, craps and roulette.

It said that online poker had not yet received an Australian Gaming License (AGL).

Photo: Andrew Meares The GAGA said it was also working with licensed poker players and online poker operators to develop online poker licenses.

“While the GAG has a wide mandate to regulate poker and online gaming, it will continue to be mindful of its current role as an industry regulator,” a spokesman said.

Online poker will be regulated by GAGS regulator, not GAGT.

“The current GAG licensing regime does not apply to online poker and the GagT regime applies to any gambling activity,” he added.

Gambling licence holders are expected to apply for their license to the Australian Gaming Licensing Authority (AGLA), which will be set-up by the new regulatory body.

The AGLA will act as the regulator of online gambling.

Photo : Andrew Meanes The AGL will be the first regulator in Australia to have a new gaming authority.

The regulator will have to take into account the needs of the gaming industry in developing and administering its own licensing regime.

The ACT Government has been lobbying for a new regulator since 2013, when the Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA) was established.

“As the regulator for the ACT, the GRA will be an effective regulator for all gambling operators across Australia, from a legal perspective, in all aspects of the game,” Mr Haggery said.

The proposed regulation will apply to gaming in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

“Gambling in the ACT has a very high turnover, which means the GCA will be able, from time to time, to reduce the amount of money being paid to players,” Dr Haganty said.

GagA will be responsible for regulating online poker, but the regulator will also be responsible to the public.

Photo by: Ian McEwan Gambling licences will be available to everyone in the gaming sector, including online poker users, but there will be some exemptions.

The regulations will include exemptions for certain forms of online gaming such as poker and craps, while other forms of gambling such as sports betting will be exempt.

“For example, a person who is engaged in online gambling, but is not gambling, will not be required to hold an Australian Licence for sports betting,” Dr Gaggerty said in a statement.

“However, for sports gambling, a gaming operator may be required, for example, to register with the Australian Sports Commission if they have a sports betting licence.”

Online gaming will not require a license.

Photo from Gag A spokesman for the Australian Government said the Government had

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