The next big thing in gambling is online poker

In a bid to combat online poker and other forms of online gambling (OPG), online casino operator ICAP has partnered with UK betting giant Betfair to allow players to bet on a number of games from poker to live sports.

Betfair, which also runs the online gambling site Bet365, said it would make the first online poker game available to UK residents on Wednesday.

“We are excited to partner with ICAP to offer a new, global game to millions of people in the UK,” said Betfair Chief Executive Matthew White.

“ICAP offers the most extensive online poker service and we are committed to helping this industry grow and expand.”ICAP’s move follows the launch of online gaming on Betfair last month, with the company also providing live casino betting.

Online poker, also known as online blackjack, is a form of blackjack that involves players holding a number on a table that moves in response to other players’ moves.

Betrollers who bet online will be able to choose the games they want to play and will be given a link to a game page, which will let them know how much money they’ll win.

Online gaming is the latest in a series of disruptive technology moves to tackle the growing problem of gambling addiction.

Last month, online gaming giant Gamestop said it had launched a website that would allow customers to buy and sell virtual goods in a virtual marketplace.

Last week, a British gambling website called announced it would offer a virtual casino game, which is a virtual version of a casino game.

Betting on online poker is different from playing traditional blackjack or roulette, which are based on a set of rules.

Betrolling on an online poker site means players don’t have to rely on the same rules as players in traditional black or roulettes, which often involve a series on-screen tables.

Betrollers can pick the games, pay a small amount of money and play online for as long as they want.

The Betfair partnership with ICap comes as online poker operators in Australia and New Zealand have announced similar plans to allow their customers to bet online.

Online gambling is growing at a rate of about 2.3 per cent a year, according to the Australian Gaming Commission (AGC).

The industry has struggled to adapt to the changing landscape, however, with online poker growing at only 3 per cent per year over the last decade.

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