This woman has just earned $50,000 for buying her own lottery ticket – and it was all in the name of ‘love’

A woman who spent $50 million to buy her own ticket to a lottery has just been paid $50k.

The Australian woman, who did not wish to be identified, bought her ticket after a man told her he would “love” to win her ticket.

“I said, ‘I’ll take the ticket’.

He said, `You’re going to lose, but I’m going to win’,” she said.

“Then I said, [he said] `No, I’ll take a million dollars, I’m not going to pay you back.

I had a good relationship with the people who were going to buy the ticket.” “

I had a lot of faith that I would win.

I had a good relationship with the people who were going to buy the ticket.”

The woman, now aged 46, said she had been told she would have to pay back about $150,000 if she lost the lottery.

She bought the ticket online after the man gave her a number and a description.

She had hoped to win $250,000, but lost about $25,000.

She said the ticket price had changed so many times since it was first bought.

“It was all because of love,” she said of the purchase.

“I think I’m one of the lucky ones.

I have two sons and a daughter.”

The woman said she felt betrayed by the lottery company, which had promised her that the ticket would not be paid back.

“They didn’t give me any notice or anything,” she told

The money she received came from a trust fund she had set up to help her and her children out of debt after the family’s home in Perth went into administration.

The woman is now in a relationship with another man, who she said was a “very nice guy”.

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