When you get paid to bet on games, you might not always win

On Sunday, the Associated Press published a story about a man who got paid to get into online poker.

The story showed the story’s source.

This is what the AP reported on the story.

A man gets paid to play online poker games.

The AP story was published in May 2016.

The source is unknown.

The man in question says he has no idea who the AP is, and that it’s not the AP he was paid to find.

He said he didn’t know about the AP story until a few weeks ago when he learned about it from friends and found out it was a fake.

“The article is a fake,” the man said in an interview with The Associated Press.

“It was not written by me.

I just read it online.”

He added that he has not played any online poker since last summer.

The men’s story has been repeated and rerun across social media.

The Associated Statesman called on the AP to investigate the claim.

The National Association of Social Workers in Michigan, which represents social workers, has called for the AP not to publish any of its stories.

In an email, the association’s executive director, Lisa Brown, wrote that the AP should not publish the man’s story.

“This is a serious matter and should be reported,” Brown said.

“If the AP has been paying this man for months and months and is reporting it without any verification, we have a problem.”

AP told the AP that the man in this story is not the man who published the story and that the company doesn’t pay writers to post false stories.

“We have a zero tolerance policy on any kind of fabrication,” a spokesman for the company wrote in an email to The Associated Nations.

“When we receive any claims of this kind, we immediately investigate and take appropriate action.”

A spokesperson for the Associated Statesmen said it was the AP’s policy not to pay writers for false stories and to only pay for writers to confirm the stories they have been paid to write.

“To date, no AP story has contained a fabricated claim of a possible pay-to-play scandal,” the AP spokesperson wrote.

In a statement to The NewsHour, the AP declined to say whether it paid anyone to post the story, saying it’s a matter of business ethics.

“There’s nothing new about these allegations being made by anonymous sources.

They are baseless and should not be repeated,” the statement read.

“In addition to paying a writer to verify the story they’ve been paid for, we don’t pay to publish.”

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