What You Need to Know About Online Poker Addiction

This article first appeared on Buzzfeed and is reprinted here with permission.

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The idea of gambling is one that has been around since the beginning of recorded history.

In the ancient world, when money was scarce, people would take bets on whether they would be able to buy something they needed.

This was an act of desperation.

It was a way of getting food, shelter, or other goods for their family members.

But for the first few centuries of its existence, gambling was seen as a way to earn a quick buck or get away from a long day of work.

It’s not entirely clear when gambling became widespread.

It seems to have been an act that people did to get some quick cash or food, as opposed to the other kinds of gambling.

But it was certainly an act.

Gambling also wasn’t always about gambling money, either.

Givers of money would make bets on who would get what.

Some might take advantage of this to buy goods and services from others.

Some may have even put their own money into the game.

But as the years passed and more and more people started to become aware of the game, people started asking questions.

And as more and, more and people started playing online poker, questions about gambling began to pop up again.

Why do so many people gamble online?

What does online gambling have to do with money?

What does online poker have to deal with?

These questions, and more, became the focus of this investigation.

We wanted to understand the psychology of gambling addiction and what it might look like in humans.

How do people with gambling addiction feel about online gambling?

What do online poker addicts and gamblers think about online poker?

What kind of gambling habits do people have?

Do people with online gambling addiction try to stop playing online?

Can people with internet gambling addiction change their online habits?

How does gambling addiction affect the way people think about gambling?

Why do people think gambling is addictive?

How do online gambling addicts and givers of cash think about their online gambling activity?

What kinds of behaviours do people associate with gambling?

How might gambling addiction help to prevent it?

What should gamblers do if they suspect they might be addicted to online poker or gambling?

We hope this article provides a good introduction to the topic of online gambling and helps you better understand it.

We’ve included a number of resources that may be useful in your own research:

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