When is online gambling legal in the United States?

The gambling industry is trying to find a way to continue to operate in the shadow of the new federal law that came into effect on Oct. 1, and online gambling remains in limbo.

It’s unclear if that’s the right move.

“The new federal rules don’t change how online gambling works or what types of players are allowed to be online,” said Chris Tice, senior vice president of the National Gaming Association.

“The federal law has the ability to address the industry’s problems, but there’s no mechanism in place to allow a company to reopen operations or create a new market.”

Tice said the industry has no legal options to try to restart operations after the new rules take effect.

“We’re not in a position to open up our doors again,” he said.

“That’s not a realistic expectation for us.”

In the meantime, online gamblers have some options.

The casinos in Atlantic City, Pennsylvania, and Las Vegas are offering online poker and other games, but not the cash games that have been popular in the country’s casinos for years.

The Atlantic City and Las, Vegas casinos have been open since the 1990s, when gambling was legalized in the U.S. The most popular types of games available are blackjack and craps.

Tice wouldn’t comment on whether any of the casinos is considering shutting down.

The industry has said it’s looking at a number of options.

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