Poker site online gambling sites, online casinos shut down by U.S. federal government

Poker site and online casinos that have operated since the turn of the century have been closed down by the U.K. government, according to a letter sent to the companies by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) on Thursday.

The letter states that and online casino operators will have to cease operations, and that “the FCA will pursue all remedies it deems appropriate to prevent and deter illegal activities.”

The letter also includes a list of additional actions that the FCA intends to take against online gambling operators.

The U.KS. government has been monitoring the online gaming industry since the advent of the Internet, and has ordered the closure of dozens of online gaming platforms, including Poker.

Com and PokerStars, since 2015.

Since then, the FCC has launched a crackdown on online gambling and imposed fines on a number of companies that have been found to be violating U.N. anti-money laundering laws.

The FCA is expected to issue new rules to curb online gambling within the next year.

The Financial Conduct Agency said in a statement that it will review the actions announced today and that the government is working with the FCO to ensure that online gambling is subject to effective regulation.

“Online gambling is an industry that generates a large number of jobs, generates significant revenues and benefits the economy, and is crucial to UK businesses, our businesses and the wider economy,” the FCE said in the statement.

“We will be continuing to work with our European counterparts and partners to promote the benefits of this important industry to all sectors of the economy.”

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