Trump vows to ‘end’ gambling in America

Donald Trump said on Monday that gambling addiction is a “big problem” in the U.S. and vowed to “end” gambling addiction in the country, despite repeated warnings by former presidents and current governors to ban the sport.

“The problem with gambling addiction, you know, the problem with the addiction is, it’s a big problem, it really is,” Trump told Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity.

“It’s very, very, big, it affects, in fact, a lot of our people.”

“It’s a huge problem, but I think that we’re going to, you understand, we’re not going to let it get worse, I think we’re gonna get better.

We’re going, you see, we’ve done very well in many cases, and you see how many people have made a fortune, you’ve got to let that kind of gambling take care of itself,” he added.”

You’re gonna see people making a lot more money, and then they’re going out and they’re having a lot, you look at it, and it’s really a problem.””

I think we’ll do something very drastic, very fast, very soon,” Trump added.

“I think it will be very soon.

I think it’ll be done in a way that’s going to take care and protect people from this problem.”

The former Republican presidential candidate and Republican presidential nominee also claimed that a person with gambling problems would be more likely to commit crimes.

“People that have gambling problems, they’re not that likely to go on and do things like rape, murder, they don’t do that, they get caught, and they have to pay a big price,” Trump said.

“They have to get out of it.

They have to take the responsibility for their actions, they have have to clean up their act.

That’s the big thing, that’s the hard part.

And then they have a chance to get back to normal.”

Trump made his remarks on a Fox News appearance in which he argued that gambling is “really a big deal” in America, and said he was proud to have been the Republican Party’s 2016 presidential nominee.

“We’re a party that has always been the party of law and order, and I have to say, I was proud of the party, and the people, that I was able to be the Republican nominee,” Trump responded to Hannity.

“And I know that in a lot.

A lot of my party, a couple of my colleagues, they had a problem with me.

They thought I was a racist, they thought I had no backbone, they were a little bit shocked by some of the things that I said,” he continued.”

They didn’t like that I had to do that because they thought that I wasn’t that hard on crime, they weren’t that tough on crime.

So I guess that’s one of the reasons why I became a Republican, is because of a lot in those ways.”

Hannity pointed out that Trump “is a Republican” who has supported legislation banning the sport in the United States.

“But if you’re going on the show and you’re saying, ‘Hey, I’m a Republican and I want to end the gambling addiction,’ I’ll tell you what, I don’t care.

I won’t say that I don, I won, I’ll be very honest,” Trump quipped.”

I don’t think that you have a problem.

I don.

And I think there are a lot worse things than gambling addiction,” he said.”

Gambling addiction, the thing that we have to address is that this is a big issue,” he concluded.

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