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The online poker site pokerStars.com recently launched its first online gambling site in Canada.

The website, PokerStars.ca, has been a successful success in the U.S., offering a variety of casino games and betting methods.

The site is now launching in Canada with its first Canadian casino game, a live poker game called the King of Hearts, with a $100,000 pot.

The online gambling game, which has a limit of two, is currently available for a $10-per-head fee.

The King of Heroes is one of the biggest online games in the world.

It is a $50 million dollar online game with an estimated daily revenue of $2.3 billion.

It features a $1,000 daily limit.

The other major online game on the King is the popular poker game PokerStars Live.

It has a $60,000 per day limit and is available for $5-per head.

The $1.99 per game fee is being introduced by PokerStars to make it easier for customers to play the game.

Both the King and PokerStars live games have a $2,000, $10,000 and $50,000 limit per day.

The poker game offers an unlimited number of tournaments.

The company says that the King can be played on up to three PCs, but that only one can be playing at a time.

It also says that you can play the King on one computer, on two or on four computers.

The games have been downloaded more than 150 million times.

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