How the online gambling industry can help the country address the scourge of gambling addiction

The online gambling market has exploded in Canada in recent years, and the country’s federal government is making the effort to bring it back.

The new federal legislation is aimed at creating a framework for the sector, which has flourished in the past, but has also been a source of controversy.

The Government of Canada has announced it will launch an online gambling platform, known as a “sales platform” or “sale platform operator,” by April.

Under the legislation, online gambling will be allowed to operate within the Canadian gaming landscape, though the legislation is not yet clear on how it will be regulated.

“Online gambling will not be regulated as a gambling business,” the announcement said.

“A legal and regulated marketplace will be established to allow the safe, efficient and secure operation of the market.”

The announcement said that by April 2019, the sale platform operator will have a minimum operating capacity of 50 players and will be able to operate a minimum of 10,000 slot machines.

That’s a significant number, considering that Canada’s total population is only about 10 million people.

It is estimated that roughly half of Canada’s gamblers are addicted to online gambling.

And the legislation also says that the market must be “managed in a manner that ensures it is not operated by persons who are likely to engage in unlawful activities or that operate a gambling establishment in contravention of the Act.”

However, the government is not clear how it plans to regulate the market.

The government has previously said that it is in the process of developing guidelines that will allow online gambling operators to comply with the country, provincial and municipal laws.

In a statement last year, then-Minister of State for the Status of Women Marie-France Lalonde said the government would work with provincial and territorial governments to develop guidelines to ensure the safe and sustainable operation of online gambling platforms.

The online gaming market in Canada has grown by nearly two-thirds in the last five years.

There are now more than 40 million registered players, with more than 50 million players in total, according to the latest figures from the International Gaming Technology Association (IGTA).

In 2016, the total number of online gaming machines reached 2.8 billion, according the IGTA.

While the industry has seen a number of scandals, the gaming industry itself has been relatively unscathed.

The Canadian Gaming Association (CGA), which represents online gaming operators, says the industry is “the single largest contributor to the Canadian economy.”

In a report, CGA says the sector generates $5.3 billion in revenue for Canada each year.

The CGA also says there are about 6.5 million people in Canada who play online gambling at least once a month.

And in 2016, Canada recorded an average of $1.2 billion in gaming revenues.

The industry has also struggled with competition, with several companies taking over the industry.

Last year, a major online gaming company called The Gaming Association of Canada was acquired by Canadian firm B2b Gaming, which was founded in 2009.

In October, the Canadian Gaming Bureau was shut down after a lawsuit was filed by two gaming companies against the CGA.

B2B Gaming was also hit with a $1 million fine by the Canada Revenue Agency for allegedly misleading Canadians about the extent of their online gaming business.

The CRA says B2F Gaming and The Gaming Alliance are two separate companies, with separate marketing efforts.

The Gaming Act has been amended to remove the requirement that online gambling companies must be Canadian-based.

The proposed legislation, if passed, will allow the sale of online slots in Canadian markets, including Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario and Manitoba.

The legislation also makes it easier for gaming operators to transfer online gaming accounts to third parties.

In 2016 the Gaming Act made it possible for a Canadian to transfer an online gaming account from a Canadian gaming business to another online gaming operator in the United States, but it does not allow for the transfer of an online slot account to a U.S. gaming business that is not a Canadian-owned entity.

With files from The Canadian Press

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