How to beat gambling sites online

The best way to beat online gambling sites is to not have to use them at all, a former high-stakes poker player says.

The best way not to play online poker at all is to avoid them altogether, says John Collins, who is a retired high-profile poker player who has competed in the World Series of Poker, and also ran a gambling website called PokerStars.

“There are so many online poker sites that I know of that have a huge amount of money that they’re putting in the account, and I’ve been in that situation before, and it just doesn’t work,” Collins said.

Collins and his friend John Dyson, both of whom are now part of a company called The PokerStars Team, are trying to figure out a way to help people avoid playing online poker.

The two men say that by focusing on their gambling sites’ user experience, they can get them to close their accounts, and thus save money.

The strategy has worked in the past, Collins says.

But he says it has failed with a different audience.

“For the average poker player, they don’t really want to play the game, they just want to get rid of their money,” Collins told Bleacher Beat.

“I think a lot of people are going to say, ‘Well, if I only get money from this poker site, it’s just going to be a waste of my time.'”

It’s like if you’re an average person, you don’t want to watch a game.

You don’t have the motivation, you’re just going back to whatever you were doing before you started playing poker.

“PokerStars and its competitor, World Series, both have millions of users and have a lot more money to play with.

Collins says he and Dyson have learned that people don’t like to watch poker games and lose money in a hurry.

They’re hoping their strategies will help.

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