Why do we keep losing?

A gambling industry expert is calling for greater scrutiny of the licence fee for sports betting after the Scottish Government announced it would scrap the system.

The Premier League said in a statement it had introduced a “comprehensive review” of its licence fee scheme and was seeking feedback from the public on the “complexities and complexities” of the system and “the implications for gambling for consumers”.

The review, to be conducted by a non-executive board and overseen by the chief executive of the Premier Loyalties Group, David Leake, will take place over a period of four months. “

The review has been ongoing since the start of the season and the Premier League is looking to respond to public feedback and feedback from our stakeholders.”

The review, to be conducted by a non-executive board and overseen by the chief executive of the Premier Loyalties Group, David Leake, will take place over a period of four months.

It will be followed by a review of the current licence fee structure by the Scottish Parliament.

But Mr Leake said there was no evidence that the Premier Licence fees had been properly managed and that there was an “urgent need” for a “deeper review”.

“We need to understand what has gone wrong, what is the problem and what can we do to improve it,” he said.

“The best way forward is for the Scottish government to take responsibility for ensuring that the best value for money for Scottish taxpayers is put at the heart of this licence fee system.”

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Mary Lou McDonald, who chairs the Commons Licensing Committee, said the review was a “waste of time” and called on the Government to make the licence change before next year’s budget.

She added: “If the Premier License fees are not reformed, then it is very likely that the Scottish taxpayer will be stuck paying for these licences that were introduced to ensure that we can play a fair game in the sport we love.”

These licences are the only way we can guarantee that all of our professional football clubs are able to compete in the big leagues.

“As part of that process we must also ensure that the financial benefits that are associated with the licences are fully reinvested in our clubs.”

MSPs will also be able to vote on the issue in the next Parliament.

The Premier Licences are the primary source of revenue for Scottish football.

‘No good reason’The Scottish Government’s licence fee is paid out to the Premier Football League every year by Scottish taxpayers.

If the fee is not properly managed, then clubs that fail to meet their financial targets will be forced to pay for their own football teams.

Under current legislation, the Premier license fees are paid by the Premier Leagues and the Football League.

They are funded by the £1.9bn of ticket revenue that the league generates from commercial television rights.

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